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Webber’s One High-Flyer

Canada was described by Mark in this morning’s FIA press conference as one of the top five grand prix venues on the calendar – the track, the city, the fans… Montreal, a bit like Melbourne or Monza is a place which embraces F1 top to bottom, city bars to circuit grandstand. And there is also a busy schedule. Wednesday, not typically a stellar day for photo opportunites provided several this week. In the afternoon Mark took part in the second of our participation in the Infiniti Inspired Performer series when he joined Red Bull Air Force supremo Jon DeVore for some skydiving lessons in a wind tunnel. Well, more of a wind funnel. Mark then gave DeVore a few lessons in driving an Infiniti G37S. Quickly. This ended in DeVore leaping from a helicopter and landing in the backseat of an Infiniti G Coupe being driven by Webber at over 160kph. Mark said: “I’ve tried a lot of adventure sports but the skill it takes to do a skydive takes it to a whole new level. Jon was a great tutor and he turned out to be a pretty handy driver too.”  There’s a gallery of how they got on here.

What A Performance!

Then in the evening the whole team, Mark and Sebastian included ran off to the circus. Well, we got a coach to see the Cirque du Soleil – the Montreal-based global circus phenomena. We were guests at the invitation of our friends at Infiniti who are also partners of Cirque du Soleil. And while our drivers are physically not in bad shape, the performers at the Amaluna show were incredible.

Afterwards Mark and Sebastian met with the tumblers, tight-rope walkers, musicians, unicyclists, jugglers and acrobats who performed and Mark even got the chance to try out a Canadian pole…

Drivers Out Of Control!

Thursday, Mark was again in action, this time arrested by Canadian police for drink-driving. Although of course, he wasn’t *actually* arrested. It was part of a Canadian Automobile Association promotion of the FIA’s Action For Road Safety and their 10 Golden Rules. And while it’s an important message, our hosts did a good job of making the point without being over-earnest. Mark, and his partner Williams’ Pastor Maldonado, were on simulators which mimic the effects of alcohol on your ability to drive. And, once the simulator imitated they were two beers down, a cop car complete with sirens and lights turned up, the officers did a sobriety test and “arrested” the pair.

Tomorrow, of course, it’s time to leave the simulators and circus behind and head out on to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve…